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DRPG Back to Events Workshops

Our workshops have been created as a personal tool kit to get you prepared for Back to Events. Below is an overview of each session.

Available workshops

Sustainability in events

One of the 'Hot Topics' on everyones' mind.
In this session we will look at the learnings from the last 18 months as well as tangible actions to make events more sustainable; from carbon offsetting and localised sourcing to controlling waste and power. We will explore how we can set achievable targets and effectively monitor them.

The future of virtual and hybrid experiences

What part will virtual experiences play in the future of events?
How will technology and production values become another tool in the event organisers armoury?
What do hybrid experiences look like and how do we manage the dual audience experience?

Building a campaign

Learn how to unlock the potential of multi-channel campaign communications to create long-term, meaningful engagements, leading up to and beyond your event. We will explore strategic campaign thinking and tactical measures to ensure you get the most out of your event and create the results and impact you are looking for.

Safety in events

Safety should be top of the agenda in all our events. Over the last two years, safety concerns have really come to the fore; how will this continue moving forward? What will be the impact of the pandemic on events? This workshop will provide practical advice and tools on how to assess and manage risks when planning an event.

Team engagement activities

Our audiences want and need much more than just to be pushed information. In many cases they need interactive and fun activities in which they can innovate, work together and think differently. Team engagement activities should be structured with clear objectives to deliver on the desired outcome. The power of the team, if harnessed correctly, can achieve extraordinary results.

The world of experience

Creating immersive environments that engage and involve the audience can increase the effectiveness of your communication beyond that of a traditional event.

Digital solutions

The integration of digital solutions into events is not new; there are a vast number of different digital apps and interactive solutions. However, when is it right to include the technology and when is it just a gimmick? What are the options, what’s new and how do we include gamification into the digital mix?

How to sell your event to your stakeholders

As we return to live events there is understandably more pressure on being able to justify the investment of time and money. This session will look at different techniques and information that can help you achieve this, exploring everything from audience listening groups, research and insights, through to effective budget management.

Improving sponsorship

Sponsorship funding can be an essential source of income on an event and, in some cases, it's the only way an event can be staged. This session will give some practical advice on making sponsorship packages attractive, ways in which you can increase revenue generation, and how you can implement effective measurement.

The role of film in events

Film has always played a major role in supporting events. In this session we will explore how you can effectively use film as a way to bring content to life and engage audiences. We will cover:

- Creating a film brief
- What options are available to us?
- How we can incorporate user-generated content?
- How we can make a film stand out?

What's new in event technology

Event production and technology moves at a rapid pace and the pandemic has opened up new technologies that we can embrace as we get back to live. This session will look at what's next in the way of technology and the reality of being able to use it within event settings.

Content design

Content is at the heart of events and experiences. There are so many factors to content design, the application, suitability, tone etc.
In this session we will look at the things we need to consider and practical ways to approach content design, including programme design, content evaluation, audience appropriateness, content production values.

Selecting the right venue or platform

Choosing the right venue is the core foundation of any event, in the same way as choosing the right platform for your hybrid or virtual experience. What should we be looking for?
Is it simplicity where we can turn a blank canvas into anything we desire, or is it a venue experience with all the facilities, features and fittings?

Measuring success

Measurement starts with setting clear outcomes and measurable benchmarks. How do we create a brief that has deliverable objectives? What do we measure to ensure our event is not seen as a cost but an investment with a return? With the growth of digital analytics can we trust the figures or can they just be a mass of meaningless viewer numbers which bare no relationship to real engagement? What is the difference between ROI and ROE?

1:1 expert workshops

Have a burning question on a topic not covered? Have a personalised 1:1 workshop with our experts. At registration, let us know more about your business needs and we will pair you with our in-house experts to maximise your Back to Events experience.